Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 full

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Spoiler alert: don't read any further before watching the episode!

Michael Scofield is alive! This information comes in the hands of an old-known series of Bagwell's psychopath Theodore "T-Bag". The serial killer/pedophile himself comes out of jail under mysterious circumstances. T-Bag decides to share this newly found information with the brother of Scofield: Lincoln Burrows. Burrows has fallen back into his old pattern of crime and has a lot of trouble believing the secret information of T-Bag (which is still his brother Michael Scofield).

The first person Burrows shares this information with is Dr. Sara Tancredi. Sara, former beloved of Michael, was married to another man named Jacob Ness. Together they feed the son of Michael and Sarah. Sara does not know what to do with the information that Michael may be alive, but she would like it to be true.

Before you know, Lincoln and Sara are attacked by people who want to let all the knowledge of Michael Scofield disappear from the ground. Lincoln takes care of the uncertainty and digs his brother's grave to find only an empty suit in the chest. Now convinced that his brother is still alive, Lincoln travels to Yemen to find his brother. Fernando Sucre wants to help the brothers again but stays at home because he does not know how he can help this time.

Once arrived in Yemen, Lincoln is helped by Benjamin "C-Note" Franklin. Benjamin stuck together with Scofield and carries Michael a warm heart. Lincoln can - using a civic log in Yemen - use all the help of a local. Looking for Michael's prison, Benjamin and Lincoln are dropped in the trap. The two knock out a way to finally get to the right prison: Ogygia.

What turns out: Nobody in this prison is registered under the name of Michael Scofield. The guards recognize Michael from a photograph Lincoln shows them. Michael appears to be known as Kaniel Outis and works with terrorist organization ISIL, thus one of the guards. Eventually, the brothers are eye-catching, but Michael does not recognize Lincoln, says Michael Scofield, and his body is full of completely different tattoos than before.

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