Seth Rogen on Zac Efron: ‘His Whole Body is Like a Giant Arrow That Points to His D–k’

Seth Rogen wants the world to know just how sexy he finds Zac Efron.

While promoting his new film Neighbors on Conan Tuesday night, Rogen couldn’t help but describe Efron’s chiseled abs, toned arms and undeniable sexiness…

“My first instinct was there’s something wrong with him, honestly, because he has so many bumps sticking out of his body,” the 31-year-old actor described his 26-year-old Neighbors co-star.  “My body is like one big bump, and his is like 87 different little bumps that come together…In the movie I make a joke: it’s like his whole body is a giant arrow that points to his d*ck.”

(Come on, you know you agree…)

In fact, Rogen was so drawn to his shirtless body that they had to make some changes to the script.  “We had to keep writing into the scene that I like touched his body because I would just look at it and want to just reach out and touch it, as though it was a mirage of some sort,” Rogen recounted.  “He’s the sexiest motherf*cker alive!”

But Efron definitely had to work to earn that title! Rogen explained how his sexy co-star would workout between takes to give him energy make his muscles “pop out more.” (I’m sure that’s not quite how Zac described it, but you get what he’s saying).

And his body is just another facet of what all the ladies love about him… Which might explain how they react when they see him.

“They make a noise I’ve literally never heard before in my life.  You could give me three hours with a woman and I couldn’t make her make that noise,” Rogen described to Conan O’Brien.  “It’s like a weird ‘uhh!’  It’s a noise I’ve literally never heard before.  I think it’s coming from people’s private parts out there mouth!”

ANNDDD ON THAT NOTE… Feel free to watch the entire interview in all it’s hilariousness by launching the video above.


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Arrow Recaplet: Well, It Finally Happened…. – TV Show News

Arrow Recap Vigilante Now Called ArrowIt took 25-1/2 episodes, but The CW’s Arrow finally went there this Wednesday night.

Midway through Season 2′s third episode, in which an escaped loon set out to turn porcelain-skinned young women into, well, porcelain-y dolls, police officer Quentin Lance called Oliver Queen’s alter ego the A-word.

“Last year you were working with the Arrow — what difference does a few months make?” Quentin said to his daughter Laurel. Her response: “The Arrow?” “Yeah,” he shrugged. “Seems more appropriate than ‘the Hood.’”

Makes the long, lonnnng wait to get even “the Blur,” let alone the S-word, seem so… silly, doesn’t it?

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Elsewhere in the “Broken Dolls” episode: The Arrow sicced sidekick Roy Harper on the masked, leather-clad blonde who’s been whaling on abusive men (and who saved Oliver’s bacon when surrounded by the Starling City PD). Roy’s efforts got him a few whacks to the head, as he trailed a street tough named Sin to the mystery woman’s “lair.”  At episode’s end, it was revealed that this woman (let’s you and I call her “Black Canary,” OK?) is being summoned by Ra’s Al Ghul, probably as a member of the League of Assassins — but she ups and kills the messenger.

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Also, Laurel, after dodging her own doll-like fate, came to realize that she, not the Arrow, was partly responsible for Tommy’s tragic fate, seeing as she stubbornly refused to vacate the CNRI office in the Glades when advised to — leaving the door open for her lover to try to save her mid-Undertaking. Nice little bit of acting/waterworks by Katie Cassidy.

What did you think of this week’s Arrow and the new glimpses of Black Canary?


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‘Ship Shape: How Your Fave Pairs From Bones, Castle, Arrow and Other Shows Are Faring – TV Show News

Let’s face it — your favorite shows are all about the couples: the ones you love, the ones you hate and, most importantly, the ones you ‘ship. And this was a busy week for romance on the tube.

In this new-ish TVLine feature, we provide you with a late-breaking update on TV’s hottest duos and then offer our exclusive forecast for the pairs.

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Don’t see your favorite love match represented here? Give ‘em a shout out below; you never know, they might make the next go-around.

What are you waiting for? This ‘ship is about to set sail, so click on the gallery below and hop aboard!


Arrow Sneak Peeks: Has Laurel Caught the Vigilante? Plus: Meet Black Canary’s Sidekick – TV Show News

The femmes are fierce in Arrow Season 2 (premiering Wednesday at 8/7c) — and we’ve got photographic evidence.

As previously reported, Oliver’s ex Laurel Lance (played by Katie Cassidy) — blaming the metaphorical “crossfire between two archers” for Tommy’s tragic death — has made it her mission “to bring down the Arrow” aka the last archer standing, says showrunner Andrew Kreisberg. And from the look of one sequence below, she has her prey in sight when she summons a cavalry.

RELATED | Arrow Season 2: [Spoiler] Is Back — With a Vengeance? And More Casting News

Also in these photos from Episode 3: Escaped convict Barton Mathis (guest star Michael Eklund) grabs Felicity, and Roy crosses paths with a plucky gal dubbed Sin (The Killing‘s Bex Taylor-Klaus). “If the Arrow has Roy [as a potential sidekick], then Black Canary (to be played by Caity Lotz) has Sin,” is how Kreisberg described the new character during TVLine’s fall preview Q&A.

RELATED | Arrow Casts Glee Villain Grant Gustin as The Flash, for Possible Spin-Off

Casting Taylor-Klaus was a win for Kreisberg, who says that he and his wife were huge fans of the starlet’s work as The Killing‘s Bullet. “Truth be told, we were thinking of killing off [Sin] quickly,” he shared. “But now that we have Bex, we’re keeping her around.”


Arrow Exclusive: [Spoiler] Is Back — With a Vengeance? Plus More Season 2 Casting News – TV Show News

Arrow Malcolm Merlyn ReturnsThe saying goes, you can’t keep a good man down. And on The CW’s Arrow, it may be the case that the truly bad dudes are even more resilient.

PHOTOS | Fall TV Spoiler Spectacular: Exclusive Scoop on Arrow and 44 Other Returning Favorites

As speculated at this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con — given the talent RSVP list for the sophomore superhero drama’s panel discussion — John Barrowman is set to reprise his role as Malcolm Merlyn aka The Dark Archer sometime during Season 2, TVLine can confirm.

A spokesperson for The CW would not say in what form Malcolm, who in the finale was last seen having an arrow thrust through his chest by The Hood, will resurface — in a dream (OK, nightmare) sequence, flashback, as a “ghost” or in the big, bad flesh — but TVLine hears the character will appear in at least two episodes.

RELATED | Arrow Casts Glee Villain as The Flash, for Possible Spin-OffArrow_DylanNeal

In other exciting Arrow casting news, is reporting that Dawson’s Creek alum Dylan Neal will appear in at least four episodes as DC Comics’ Dr. Anthony Ivo, a ruthless scientist who will play a part in Oliver’s next batch of island flashbacks.

Arrow lets fly with Season 2 on Wednesday, October 9.

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