Watch The Blacklist Online

Watch The Blacklist Online

Watch The Blacklist Online

Watch The Blacklist Online

Watch The Blacklist Online. A drama about the world’s most wanted criminal, who turns himself into the FBI and offers to give up everyone he has ever worked with in exchange for working with a newly minted agent whom he seemingly has no connection. Keen  questions Reddington’s sudden interest in her, though he claims that Keen is very special. After the FBI brings down a terrorist he provided information on, Reddington reveals that the terrorist is only just the first of many.

The Blacklist is an American drama series that premiered on NBC on September 23, 2013. It stars James Spader, Megan Boone, and Harry Lennix. The pilot episode was written by Jon Bokenkamp and directed by Joe Carnahan.

Watch The Blacklist Online

Watch The Blacklist Season 1 Online

The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 8 – General Ludd
The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 7 – Frederick Barnes
The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 6 – Gina Zanetakos
The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 5 – The Courier
The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 4 – The Stewmaker
The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 3 – Wujing
The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 2 – No. 216: The Freelancer
The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 1 – Pilot

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What to Watch Monday: The Blacklist Gets Revenge, Dixie’s Lemon Lands a Date and More – TV Show News

the-blacklist-revengeOn TV this Monday: A Revenge beauty finds herself on The Blacklist, Hart of Dixie picks Bachelor No. 2, Hostages gets a family reunion and Castle conspires. As a supplement to TVLine’s original features (linked within), here are 10 programs to keep on your radar.

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8 pm Hart of Dixie (CW) | Lemon is blacklisted from the Junior League Halloween Masquerade party, but instead lands a date with another of Alabama’s most eligible bachelors (Robert Buckley, One Tree Hill). (You know what they say: Revenge is a dish best served with a hot guy on your arm.)

8 pm Crash & Bernstein (Disney XD) | Wyatt, Crash and Pesto face off against Cleo’s team in the school’s big cup-stacking competition.

8:30 pm 2 Broke Girls (CBS) | Caroline splurges on a new bedding set for Max, unwittingly donating her favorite old pillowcase to charity. (Who knew drool stains could be so special to someone?)

VIDEO | The Voice‘s Most Wide-Open Season Ever? Plus: Another ‘Battles’ Injustice — on Reality Check!

9 pm Seduced and Abandoned (HBO) | Director James Toback (The Pick-up Artist) and Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) spend 10 days at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2012, attempting to secure financing for a new film.

9 pm Beauty and the Beast (CW) | Gabe enlists Vincent’s help to track down a suspected beast, but Vincent takes matters into his own hands.

9:30 pm Mom (CBS) | Christy is determined to take things slow in her relationship with Adam (played by Justin Long), while Bonnie and an AA rival butt heads.

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10 pm The Blacklist (NBC) | Tom claims he’s innocent (riiiiiight) and insists he and Liz turn the box into the FBI so his name can be cleared. Meanwhile, the next name on the Blacklist is a corporate terrorist played by Revenge’s Margarita Levieva.

10 pm Castle (ABC) | Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a young woman who was found ritually posed, leading them to a Da Vinci Code-esque conspiracy. Fortunately, Tom Hanks’ awful haircut does not make an appearance. (Watch a sneak peek.)

10 pm Hostages (CBS) | Nina Arianda (Midnight in Paris) guest-stars as Ellen’s sister, who unexpectedly shows up at her house…. and is promptly “asked” to leave.

10 pm Dream School (Sundance Channel) | Students reach a crisis point at the halfway mark.

Hit the comments with your must-see picks from tonight’s lineup!


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Quotes of the Week: Best Zingers From Coven, The Middle, Blacklist, NCIS: LA and More – TV Show News

Television: You reference it more than a proud papa quotes his adorable toddler — or at least you come pretty darn close!

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That’s why TVLine offers you its regular Sunday feature, Quotes of the Week, packed with the best one-liners from the small screen over the last seven days.

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This time around, we’ve got a messy bon mot from American Horror Story: Coven, a magazine fantasy from Modern Family, some homoerotic subtext from The Mindy Project and much more. So click through the gallery below for our latest batch of honorees, then hit the comments to weigh in on your faves — and add any zingers we’ve inevitably missed!


What to Watch Monday: Hart of Dixie and Beast Return, Soap Star Goes Broke, Blacklist and More – TV Show News

BEAUTY AND THE BEASTOn TV this Monday: Hart of Dixie and Beauty and the Beast return to the CW, soaps siren Nadia Bjorlin gets catty on 2 Broke Girls and The Blacklist cracks the code. As a supplement to TVLine’s original features (linked within), here are 10 programs to keep on your radar.

VIDEO | Bones Baddie Pelant Pays [Spoiler] a Startling Visit

8 pm Hart of Dixie (CW) | Season 3 premiere: After spending the summer in New York City, Zoe is ready to make her move more permanent. Meanwhile, Dexter’s Josh Cooke begins a recurring run as another New Yorker who relocates to Bluebell. (Get scoop from Bluebell’s Golden Boy.)

8 pm Dancing With the Stars (ABC) | Sibling rivalry alert: Two-time champion Julianne Hough will guest-judge the remaining dancers, including big bro Derek.

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9 pm Sleepy Hollow (Fox) | While on the hunt for her estranged sister, Abbie and Ichabod discover more about the evil they are facing — including its name. (Psst, did you hear about Season 2?)

9 pm 2 Broke Girls (CBS) | Days of Our Lives’ Nadia Bjorlin guest-stars as a model looking for her lost cat –and Max and Caroline know juuuust where it is. (Is it me, or is CBS a bit animal-friendly tonight?)

9 pm Beauty and the Beast (CW) | (New time slot!) Season 2 premiere: Months after Vincent was taken, Catherine is reunited with him… but not in the way she planned. (Watch videos here, here and here.)

9 pm Valentine Road (HBO) | This gripping documentary chronicles the tragic murder of 15-year-old Lawrence “Larry” King, who had just begun exploring his gender identity before his death in 2008.

9:30 pm Mom (CBS) | Justin Long (New Girl) guest-stars as a recent divorcé who woos Christy.

PREVIEW | Castle Worlds Collide – Writer Teases ‘Big Episode’ for Beckett

10 pm The Blacklist (NBC) | Arrow’s Chin Han guest-stars as a high-ranking Chinese spy, who Red claims has hired him to help decode a classified CIA transmission. Meanwhile, Liz continues to be way too trusting of all the men in her life. (But did you hear the good news?)

10 pm Hostages (CBS) | Ellen is busy, busy, busy — boldly gaining intel on Duncan’s family while also having to convince President Kincaid not to drop her as his surgeon.

10 pm Dream School (Sundance Channel) | Series premiere: Food Revolution’s Jamie Oliver and rapper 50 Cent produce this six-part series, which gives 15 troubled students the chance to overcome their failures alongside mentors like CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien and musician Swizz Beatz.

Hit the comments with your must-see picks from tonight’s lineup!


Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on New Girl, Castle, Once, The Blacklist, NCIS, SVU, Sex and More! – TV Show News

Castle Spoilers Beckett in NYCWhen will Beckett visit Castle in NYC? With what “trick” will New Girl treat viewers? Which Once Upon a Time character has Daddy issues? Will Benson’s SVU romance survive her assault? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

PHOTOS | Fall TV Spoiler Spectacular: Exclusive Scoop on 45 Returning Faves

I’ll take any scoop you have on Castle, particularly how much longer Beckett will be a Fed. She belongs in the NYPD close to Castle! –Kristen
As you may have gleaned if you came across the photos from Episode 3, “Need to Know,” Beckett soon enough has cause to revisit the 12th, when a high-profile case that Ryan and Espoito are working catches the Feds’ attention. In fact, the instant that Castle talks his way into helping out the boys, “Beckett and McCord come in and take over the case,” show boss Andrew W. Marlowe previews. “So now it’s the boys against the girls. And Castle’s caught in the middle.” Bonus scoop: Having been on set for this episode, I can tell you that at one point they needed to do a close-up of Caskett’s hands as one slipped something small and shiny to the other.

Any scoop on Castle‘s Lanie/Esposito? Esplanie shippers are hoping to see more of them soon! –Marine
When I spoke to Marlowe, nothing was firmly on the books yet, though he did tease “some Esposito/Lanie stuff coming up towards the end of the fall that we’re going to be exploring.” Between that, Ryan’s imminent fatherhood and, well, Alexis/Pi, “We’re taking a look at our secondary characters and having fun with them.”

Andrew Marlowe said there were a few milestones between Castle and Beckett that he didn’t get a chance to show in Season 5. Any hints toward those? –Christina
I ran your question by Stana Katic, and this is what she was thinking: “I wonder where they’re going to live this season…” After all, she noted, with Pi now slinging papaya all over the place, more than ever “Castle’s loft is Union Station!”

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Any info about the Halloween episode of New Girl that’s coming up? –Kass
I “scared” up something for you, yes. When Jess throws a Halloween soiree at the loft, the gang finds themselves “catfishing” a sullen Schmidt with his childhood idol — Michael Keaton.

I’ve heard a rumour that we will meet Rumple’s father in Once Upon a Time Season 3. Is this real? –OUAT Spain
This much is real: Episode 4, titled “Nasty Habits,” will serve up Rumple’s first backstory of the season. “We’ve hinted in the past that his father was a coward and that his father’s name was something that haunted him and that his father left him,” cocreator Eddy Kitis reminds. “He definitely seems to have [Daddy issues].”

I really loved the first episode of The Blacklist. Will Elizabeth Keene at one point find out the truth about who her husband really is? –Daniel
Outside of the boxful of passports and money she found hidden in their home, “Elizabeth doesn’t have anything to go on right now,” Ryan Eggold, who plays Tom, points out, “so the next few episodes is her trying to deduce if she can trust this man that she’s married to. But in terms of it taking a big leap towards something really happening, it’s like Episode 5, I think, when things really shift, in a big way.”

I was devastated by the news of Lee Thompson Young’s passing – anything on how Rizzoli & Isles plans to address it when the show comes back? –Louisa
Nothing to report yet. (Because: No showrunner, no one to make a plan.)

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I heard somewhere that Kevin Chapman is leaving Person of Interest this season. Please say is isn’t true. Fusco is so central to the show and such a beloved and broken character. –Casey
Now that you mention it, EP Greg Plageman did only discuss Carter when I asked for any scoop on “Carter and Fusco.” Hmm. Here’s what’s for certain: As Fusco helps out with Carter’s investigation into HR, it will involve him in a potentially dangerous situation. [Gulp]

Will Scandal ever bring up the fact that Cyrus hired Charlie to kill Amanda Tanner way back in Season 1? –Dee
With that show, who knows. But if that reprehensible deed ever does come to light, don’t count on James to bail on his hubby. “There’s a lot about what my husband is capable of that I don’t know,” Dan Bucatinsky notes, “but I feel like on some level James knew exactly what he was getting in to — maybe not to that extent, but I think there’s a lot more to James than meets the eye in terms of raw ambition, not just to be a parent, but to succeed in Washington.”

I know we won’t know for a bit about how Coulson survived Loki, but can the writers of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. at least promise us that they do have an answer in mind, and they won’t make it up at the 11th hour? –Joel T
It is on the record that Joss Whedon, in asking Clark Gregg to do S.H.I.E.L.D., sketched out for the actor some of the Level 7 details about Coulson’s après-Avengers existence. So at least some of the story is living in Whedon’s noggin. But, he has said, “It will be something of a drawn-out explanation… drawn out over several episodes.”

Have you got any scoops on NCIS’ McGee or if we’ll get to see Delilah again? I really loved seeing her with McGee and how she held her own against Abby. –Marla
Thus far, Margo Harshman has shot one additional episode, with the potential for more drop-ins here and there.

Who is the female artist singing at the end of the NCIS on season premiere? Sounded like Enya. –Pat
Good ear — that was Enya’s “If I Could Be Where You Are.”

The SVU premiere was rough, had me in tears. Any idea what’s the longterm forecast for Benson and Cassidy? –Melissa
The forecast looks a bit bumpy, if only because Benson will put up a tough front as her beau tries to glean what she needs coming out of that ordeal. “Benson is so stoic that she’s hard to crack, and that’s what were going through right now, her letting me in — and so far she’s not,” Dean Winters shares. “We’re working on the fifth episode now, and we’re slowly trickling into that story.” But for however long it takes, Winters is anxious to be on hand. Having rejoined the NBC drama last spring, he says, “I hope they have me for the rest of the series!”

Are we finally getting the good stuff on The Mentalist this season? And by “good stuff,” I totally mean the Jane/Lisbon relationship. –Katherine
I answered a similar Q last week, but have since come upon this bit of Simon Baker gold that’s too good not to share. As he puts it, “Like any relationship that’s put into a pressure situation, the relationship tends to suffer a little duress… and there’s always the question of what’s there when they climb off the trapeze, off the high wire, when they’re on solid terra firma and there is no dust to settle or anything, no obstacle or hurdle…. Do they look at each other and go ‘Jesus, you’re annoying’ or do they look at each other and go, ‘Let’s lay down and make love’?” (Ed. Note: For the record, some are known to do it standing up.)

I just watched the first episode of Masters of Sex, thanks to Showtime, and was wondering how are they going to play the Masters and Johnson relationship? Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan have amazing chemistry together! –Ti
If you’ve seen the premiere, you know very well the huge cliffhanger it leaves us with. And let’s just say that before an answer can be spoken, something quite dramatic happens to interrupt the moment. P.S. I totally agree about the lead actors; Caplan in particular is wowing me in every episode.

I had the privilege of seeing Charles Esten perform at the Grand Ole Opry last Saturday night. He played two songs which he co-wrote, one of which, “Scars,” he said “[we] wrote for our good and troubled friend Deacon,” and the song was absolutely amazing. I really hope he meant that it will be used in the show. Any knowledge of early Season 2 music to indicate that this might be the case? –Matt
While “Scars” hasn’t been used in any Season 2 episode filmed thus far, I’m told the producers have the song and like it, so… time will tell.

Is Xosha Roquemore a series regular on The Mindy Project? Because if she’s not, she needs to be promoted immediately. She is my favorite addition to a show since Amy and Bernadette on Big Bang Theory. –Rebecca
Your voice has been heard! Or at least you can pretend it was. (Xosha was promoted at the beginning of Season 2.)

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