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Nashville Season 2 RecapJuliette puts the “low” in polo during this week’s Nashville, when the fickle little filly attends a match and can’t keep her hooves off another woman’s stallion. Elsewhere, Zoey reaps the rewards of being very direct, Scarlett’s future is sealed with a kiss and Rayna wears a really big hat. Let’s review what happened in “It Must Be You.”

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KEYED UP | Megan rolls out of Deacon’s bedroom to find him, tousled but focused, plunking away at the piano and singing. Guys, Deacon is writing songs again! Yay! She interrupts to invite him a work event: the Belle Meade Invitational Polo Match, which her firm sponsors. He makes a joke about preferring to undergo a root canal rather than hobnob with the city’s old-money set, she teases that he’s a “reverse snob,” and then they both act like they wouldn’t be bothered if she went with someone else.

Meanwhile, at Casa Jaymes, Rayna wraps an interview with Good Morning America‘s Robin Roberts, then alerts Scarlett that she’ll be singing for critics and other influential people that night at The Bluebird. I think Scarlett is, true to character, nervous about all of the attention, but I’m distracted by her pigtails. Did howler monkeys with ADD braid them? I know I comment on the beautiful Clare Bowen’s even more beautiful tresses every. single. week., but I mean, am I just supposed to ignore the way the blonde bounty is coming at me from four different angles? Between Greasy Gunnar from last season and Braids-a-million Scarlett this season, I’m starting to think that everyone in the Nashville hair trailer is messing with me.

THE MANE EVENT | Little does Deacon know, pretty much everyone he’s ever met in his career is also in attendance at the match. Rayna and Tandy go to chat up potential investors in Highway 65, but it turns out that no one wants to associate themselves with the daughters of Lamar Wyatt – and, by proxy, his illegal activities. Tandy has some sharp words for one detractor, then has the temerity to act offended when Rayna very subtly asks for confirmation that Tandy wasn’t involved in anything related to their father’s arrest. (Good lord, when has anyone in that family ever kept a secret that didn’t come out? Get ahead of the curve and come clean, Tandy!)

Deacon, of course, shows up – and he’s pleased to see that Megan is also flying solo. “I figured you figured I’d show,” he says. Luke Wheeler is there, too; he’s got horses in the match. He and Deacon go way back, as is evidenced by some good-natured teasing. Luke’s mustering up the courage to ask Deke about whether he and Rayna are still a thing, but then Megan interrupts and the conversation ends. It’s a trick she repeats later, when the two seconds that Rayna and Deacon are together in this episode come to an awkward halt as she approaches. Geez, lawyer lady, learn to read a moment. Later, Megan announces, “I’m not threatened by her, Deacon,” which is enough of a turn-on that they engage in straddle-y grointimes on his couch.

FASCINATOR, I BARELY KNOW ‘ER! | Juliette arrives at the polo match wearing a yellow fascinator and a confused look: She’s not sure who invited her, seeing as how Nashville’s old guard doesn’t tend to like her kind of rich. Everything becomes clear when Charlie Wentworth, her rich, married hook-up from Maryland, sees her. He invited her – he’s riding in the match, and oh heeeeeeeeey there his pretty young wife Olivia! Liv grabs Juliette and marches her away for some girl talk and, awesome-wise, the look on Ju’s face as she retreats is second only to what she yells at him as she later shuts down his advances. (“According to Wikipedia, that horn means the game’s about to start!” Ha!)

But Charlie’s a relentless bugger. He strongarms Teddy into asking Juliette to be the face of the city’s upcoming music festival. He swears that although he’s rich, he’s not happy – and implies that Olivia is a shrew. And he turns on the charm by having Ju hang out with him and his crew in the stables, where they swig beer and break into an impromptu rendition of her song, “Hypnotizing.”

While the paddock hootenanny is going on, Charlie’s not around to pick up his team’s trophy – and Olivia certainly notices. Juliette inadvertently spies on the Wentworths just in time to see Mrs. slap Mr. and say she’s leaving town with the jet.

THE INEVITABLE | Rayna happens to witness Charlie and Juliette walking together, and in yet another instance of Rayna-as-Juliette’s-surrogate-mom, she calls her former tour mate out on hanging around with a married man. Her reason behind the concern is valid but preachy: Women make up the bulk of country music fans, and they don’t really like it when women they admire shag other women’s husbands. Juliette spits back that Rayna can forget about having Scarlett join her tour as an opening act. Oops.

That evening, Juliette shows up at Charlie’s hotel and suggests that they work together on the music festival. He counter-suggests a planning meeting in his suite, and slips her a key. So of course she slinks up there, shimmies out of her clothes and tosses her head back in ecstasy as Charlie gives her the ol’ London Eye, if you know what I mean. They’re both so into it that they don’t realize Olivia, who didn’t leave after all, let herself into the room just long enough to realize what’s up, then sneak out. Not good, Ju. Not good at all.

MIXED DOUBLES | Gunnar and Avery listen to their song, mixed in Juliette’s state-of-the-art studio, and they’re happy with how it came out. Aw, Avery and Gunnar are totally my favorite couple on this show at the moment. Elsewhere, Zoey is being weird about having broken the girl code and slept with Gunnar, even though he insists that he really likes her. And Scarlett, yet again freaked by the idea that being a performer means that people are going to watch her/have opinions about her, winds up sleeping with Avery at his place. For comfort? Old times? A rekindling of their relationship? It’s unclear. (I want to hate this development, guys, but Nashville has done such a thorough character rehab on Avery that I just can’t. Nice job, writers.)

Later that night, Scarlett kills it at her Bluebird show. She closes with the delicate, moony ballad “Every Time I Fall in Love,” then accepts accolades from the crowd – which includes Luke Wheeler. Outside, Luke walks Rayna to her car, kisses her and says he’ll take Scarlett on as an opening act… only partly because he wants to see Ray out on the road.

Back inside, Avery and Scarlett agree to take it slowly, while Zoey and Gunnar… do the opposite. Having realized that her bestie might be getting back together with Avery, Zoey flings off the constraints of the girl code and alerts Gunnar to the fact that she wants to get with him. He’s confused by what she means. “It means you should kiss me now, you idiot,” she replies, and he does as he’s told.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!


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Nashville Recap: Rayna’s Back, Y’all! – TV Show News

Nashville Season 2 RecapRayna finds her voice in this week’s Nashville, but she may come to regret using it so forcefully against her boss – especially when other events transpire that make it likely she’ll be an Edgehill artist ‘til she dies. Elsewhere, Juliette gets into a very exclusive club, Zoey breaks a cardinal BFF rule and Will grows a beard. Let’s review what happens in “Don’t Open That Door.”

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MOVIN’ ON | Scarlett runs into Deacon’s lawyer friend Megan coming out of his bedroom early one morning, followed quickly by a shirtless Mr. Claybourne. (Aw, Nashville — and I didn’t get you anything…) Scarlett has a little fun with her chagrined uncle, then flits off to Edgehill media training in advance of Luke Wheeler’s upcoming benefit concert.

At the record company, Brent and a Bitchy Blonde teach Scarlett how to give a good quote. Bitchy Blonde spouts words like “presentation” and “poised,” and she’s highly unimpressed with Scarlett’s aw-shucks Holly Hobbie shtick. An overwhelmed Scar just shrinks even further into herself and looks like she wants to hang herself with her sloppily fishtailed pigtails.

Another person unimpressed with Scarlett: Layla, who doesn’t like the fact that Will and Ms. O’Connor are so chummy. While the two young women primp for the benefit, we learn that in addition to being a reality show runner-up, Layla is a former pageant kid and a future Harvard student. A cutthroat competitor with Ivy League smarts who can make pretty feet and kill it on the SATs? Run, Scarlett. (Go ahead. Pretend you don’t get the Toddlers and Tiaras reference I shoved in there.)

Layla advises Scarlett just to be herself on the press line, a bit of wisdom that implodes spectacularly when reporters only want to talk to her about Uncle Deke’s drinking. Jeff hauls her off the red carpet and sends her home, where she and Deacon commiserate (in song, naturally) about how terrible the music business is. Still, he asserts, all of the ridiculousness is worth it when you’re out on stage, connecting with an audience. (Aww, Deacon, that’s sad in light of your trajectory – which we’ll get to in a minute.)

ZOEY AND GUNNAR DUET | Avery and Gunnar work on a boppy new song together, but Avery thinks it needs a female voice in the mix. I’m not sure exactly why, when both of them are singing falsetto, but what do I know? Plus, looking for a woman singer becomes an excuse to bring Zoey into the mix.

The three perform the Everly Brothers-esque tune at Gunnar’s place, and after Avery takes off, Zoey and Gunny flirt. (Well, she keeps calling him out on how awkward he is, and he acts like he can’t remember how to form words. Close enough.) But when he admits that he wrote the song for her, they kiss, which leads to sex on the living room floor and her sneaking off while he dozes after. We’ve all seen how awesome Scarlett is when she’s fired up about something: I can’t wait to witness her reaction to this.

DEACON’S DONE | Deacon is thinking about becoming a purveyor of guitars, now that he’s given up hope of a career in music. He turns down Juliette’s offer to rejoin the tour – even in a non-performance capacity – and makes a lot of sad, resigned comments about how his performance days are done. (Sample: “It just hurts being around music if I can’t play it.”) But when Juliette inadvertently lets him know that Rayna may have lost her singing voice for good, he beelines it to the Jaymes home to hear for himself.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he demands, both of them very upset by this turn of events. She says she’s working with a vocal therapist and she doesn’t know her prognosis. “I’m not quite sure what’s going to come out of my mouth when I open it,” she adds. I understand, Ray – the same thing happens to me after two glasses of rioja.

GOOD OLE GIRL | Will kills it at Luke Wheeler’s benefit, earning him an invite to join Juliette’s tour. Layla’s psyched he’ll be on the road with them… until she learns she has to cut 15 minutes from her set to accommodate him. But Will’s not pleased with little miss Carrie Underwood in training: He thinks she messed with Scarlett on purpose. Too bad the fans seem to think that Layla and Will make a great couple… and Jeff is on board with giving the fans what they want, Twilight-style.

Rayna takes the stage at the concert to surprise Juliette with an invitation to the Grand Ole Opry, a gesture that shocks Ms. Barnes into tearful gratefulness. She later shows up at The Bluebird because, “Y’know what the first thing that came to my mind was? I can’t wait to tell Avery,” she admits, apologizing for being such a beast to him at the Wentworths’ party. It’s really a sweet scene; I’m loving Avery and Juliette as friends. He, too, turns down her request to be the tour’s band leader, because he wants time to work on his own material. So she gives him the keys to her studio and suggests that he use it whenever he likes.

RAYNA’S RETURN | But back to Rayna – Luke puts her on the spot when he insists she sing a song with the band at the benefit. She tries to beg off, but he won’t take no for an answer. So the possibly voiceless First Lady of Country Music proceeds to choke out the first verse or so of one of her hits, looking all the while like she’s going to barf into Luke’s 10-gallon Stetson. But the audience loves having her back in her element, so everyone in the hall joins in on the chorus, and it buoys Rayna so much that she loosens up and belts out the rest of “The Best Songs Come From Broken Hearts.” Vocal victory!

After the show, Jeff and Rayna have yet another disagreement about her new album, etc. – and she ends the discussion by announcing that she’s leaving Edgehill. Too bad that just then, Bucky brings her some bad news: Thanks to Tandy’s maneuvering (which no one knows about yet), Lamar has been arrested for all of his shady dealings – and his assets, including those that were going to help Rayna buy her way out of her contract – are frozen.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? I’m not yet sure what to think of Will Chase’s Luke, aside from his dismissive take on Juliette. And how far is this Will/Layla thing going to go?  Sound off in the comments.


Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Bones, Walking Dead, Nashville, NCIS: LA, Sleepy Hollow and More – TV Show News

blog_aa_10.15.13Got a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Send any/all of the above to

Question: I would welcome a good scoop on The Walking Dead. —Travis
Ausiello: The midseason premiere is going to be a big episode for Chandler Riggs, according to his TV dad Andrew Lincoln. “[Carl] does something this season…. Man,” he previews with a laugh. “Episode 9 is his episode. It’s so cool.”

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Question: I got a feeling something will happen to either Rigsby or Van Pelt on The Mentalist when Red John’s identity is revealed. Can you speculate on that? —Brendan
Ausiello: Why, because Owain Yeoman and Amanda Righetti, the actors who play the newlyweds, are said to be leaving midseason? Whatever the pair’s ultimate fate, the show is keeping mum. As EP Daniel Cerone, who wrote the wedding episode, told Matt Mitovich, “I’ve got to be honest with you — in terms of their future and their life on the show, or their place on the show or place not on the show, I can honestly say nothing has been decided. That’s something that we’re still exploring creatively.”

Question: Please shed some light on this portion of the official Vampire Diaries logline for Episode 4 (airing Oct. 24): “Jeremy makes a startling confession that hits Damon hard?” —Monique
Ausiello: It pertains to a recent Mystic Falls tragedy.

Question: I’ll take any and all Bones spoilers you have, good sir. —Matt
Ausiello: What’s the perfect companion to Booth and Brennan’s wedding album? The wedding video! Press PLAY below for an exclusive first look at B&B’s long-awaited nuptials, interspersed with behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast (including David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel).

Question: I love Nashville. Please give me some good news on Deacon and Rayna! —Sara
Ausiello: Neither of them are getting killed off in the show’s winter finale. Sadly, the same can’t be said for [spoiler].

I Think I'm Gonna Like it HereQuestion: I’d like to trade my soul, or maybe a liver and a kidney, for some delicious scoop on Supernatural. —Henry
Ausiello: Given my wine consumption of late, I should probably take the liver. (My new apartment doesn’t have a doorman so please have it delivered to the office.) Here’s your Supe spoiler: Sam won’t be the only one kept out of the loop about Dean’s decision to let Ezekiel heal his brother. Shares Misha Collins: “Cas and Ezekiel knew each other way back when, but Cas is kept in the dark for a long time about what Dean did with Ezekiel.”

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Question: Can you drop some Betrayal spoilers? – Allyson
Ausiello: I was going to make a cancellation joke, but an ABC insider tells me there are no plans to pull the struggling soap off the air. So now I’ve got nothing. (Totally sucks because my cancellation joke was really funny.)

Question: I may be getting ahead of myself, but will the second half of Revenge‘s season kick off with a mystery-laden flash-forward, too? —Janine
Ausiello: That’s TBDBP (To Be Determined But Probable). “We’re playing with that idea,” confirms showrunner Sunil Nayar. “But we wanted to make sure that if we did another flash-forward that it was definitively the compelling thing that was going to carry us for the [final] 12 episodes. It’s definitely something we’re keeping in the hopper, but we haven’t committed to anything yet.”

Question: I’m out for some Revenge… scoop! —Gordon
Ausiello: Nolan and Patrick? So totally happening.

Parenthood Season 5Question: Any chance we’ll see Jason Ritter return to Parenthood since his Fox show is over before it began? —Evan
Ausiello: I did some digging and, sadly, there are no current plans for Mark to resurface. Of course, Parenthood has a long 22-episode season ahead of it, so those plans could very well change.

Question: Russian Beauty and the Beast fan here, in need of a scoop: —Natalee
Ausiello: Da, I have! TVLine has confirmed that 90210 alum Riley Smith will appear in Episodes 7 and 8 as “The Bombmaker,” a sophisticated, hired assassin with a specialty in explosives — and a particular vengeance against beasts such as Vincent.

Question: When will Juliet Rylance first appear as Kalinda’s new Good Wife love interest? —Chris
Ausiello: I just confirmed that her first airdate is never. Save the date!

Question: I’m really loving Sleepy Hollow. And I love Ichabod and Abbie. Any scoop? —Sanna
Ausiello: You already know that Golem will terrorize the pair this season, but what you may not know is when. I’m hearing the towering foe will turn up in Episode 9 and, according to the casting notice for the role, interested actors must be over 6-feet tall, possess creature/suit/prosthetic experience, be comfortable with stunt work and be composed entirely of inanimate matter. Fox’s rookie hit is also on the lookout for actresses to play Irving’s (Orlando Jones) thirtysomething ex-wife, Cynthia, and teen daughter, Mae.

Question: Will Revolution have flashbacks of Miles, Rachel and Monroe that show the audience what really happened when she was held “captive”? –Mya
Ausiello: Does Aaron have unruly facial hair?

DescentQuestion: Got any scoop on NCIS: LA Deeks/Kensi? —Katie
Ausiello: It’s time for another round of “Is This Just a Coincidence or Am I Onto Something?” Earlier this week, NCIS: LA EP Shane Brennan told Matt Mitovich that “there’s quite a shocking moment in Episode 10 that throws everything awry, and then for the next eight or so episodes Kensi and Deeks’ relationship is in some serious trouble.” Curiously, it’s also around Episode 10 that the show is introducing a new (possibly recurring) ”physically capable” American female agent, and two Middle Eastern male agents. Now, I ask you: Is this just a coincidence or am I onto something? (Mitovich votes for the latter, theorizing that Kensi will take a very dangerous off-grid assignment in the Middle East that sets up Danielle Ruah’s forthcoming maternity leave.)

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Meg Masters)


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Nashville First Look: Scarlett Shines, Juliette Simmers, Rayna Meets Her New Boss – TV Show News

Nashville‘s Rayna and Juliette may soon be united against a stubborn, sexy roadblock: Edgehill’s new head honcho Jeff (played by Oliver Hudson, Rules of Engagement). 

The photos below are from the next two episodes of the ABC musical drama. First, on Oct. 2 (10/9c), the “Red Lips, White Lies” headliners meet their new boss. He’s got definite plans for the ladies’ careers, but will his vision mesh with Rayna’s hopes for her own label and Ju’s pursuit of a more mature sound and image? (Based on Ms. Barnes’ face, we’re gonna say no.)

VIDEO | Nashville‘s Connie Britton Previews ‘Rayna 2.0′… and Her Multiple ‘Fellas’

Then, on Oct. 9, Will and Scarlett strut their countrified stuff at a Stockholders Showcase, while Gunnar and Zoey cheer them on from the crowd. (Does Picture 14 make anyone else think that Brent — aka the guy Will nearly kissed in the laundry room in this week’s episode — and Jeff may be in cahoots? But Picture 15 is full of fist-bumping goodness, so maybe we’re just being paranoid?)

Click through the photos below to lament the absence of Deacon to place bets on how long it will take Teddy to figure out Peggy’s not preggo with your predictions about what’s ahead.


Nashville Premiere Recap: Brace for Impact – TV Show News

Nashville Season 2 RecapA good chunk of this week’s Nashville – the Season 2 premiere – takes place in the past. It’s a softly-lit time filled with bad hair, questionable fashion and tears, and it provides a sad counterpoint for even sadder events in the present: namely, Rayna’s coma and Deacon’s guilt.

Elsewhere, Juliette once more proves herself an opportunist extraordinaire, and Will’s not gay. No, seriously! So straight! Nothing to see here!

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THE CRASH, REVISITED | We pick up at the tail end of Rayna and Deacon’s cargument, which results in the massive crash that leaves both of ‘em bloodied and upside down in a ditch. Deacon is awake, with his hand wedged at a bad angle, and he drags it out (ouch) and somehow maneuvers an unconscious Rayna out of the car and onto the grass, where they collapse. We immediately flashback to him showing her around the dreamhouse he’s purchased for them; it’s right after Deacon’s been released from rehab and right before Rayna’s first CMA Award nomination; she’s a bit more aw-shucks than the polished performer we’ve come to know. They’re in love, and it’s cute. (Her hair, less so… but the late ’90s were a confusing time for many of us.)

Back in the present, Rayna’s hooked up to a ventilator in the ICU while Tandy and the girls look on. She’s been in a medically induced coma for two weeks, and the doctors aren’t sure what they’ll find when they wake her up. Teddy and Lamar take turns by Ray-Ray’s bedside; the topic of Rayna’s mother’s death in a vehicle accident comes up a few times (and will be important later).

As the flashbacks continue, we see Deacon propose to Rayna circa the time of Maddie’s conception. She happily accepts, and they (and their Reality Bites hair) make love on the floor. But the next morning, she finds him drunk and passed out on the couch – and she demands to know whether he was plastered when he asked her. “When I asked you what?” he asks muzzily, which earns him a ring thrown angrily in his direction. Months later, when a preggers Rayna and Tandy swing by the house, they peer through one of the million windows to see Deke imbibing all of the alcohol in the place simultaneously. Tandy stops her sister from going inside. “You cannot help,” she starts, leading me to finish, “someone who would choose to wear that vest over that tank top?” But she means, “someone who doesn’t want to be helped.” Oh yeah. That, too. Speaking of the soused devil, what’s he up to?

DEACON IS THE NEW BLACK | Deacon, in orange prison scrubs and with his arm in a sling, stands before a judge and wants to take responsibility for the accident. He tries to plead guilty, but His Honor notes that if Rayna dies, the charges Deke is facing will change to involuntary manslaughter – he’s going to want some sort of legal representation.

At home, Scarlett hustles unsuccessfully to get her uncle’s $ 1 million bail together. Juliette is less than supportive; after her ordeal with Jolene, she knows that addicts are very likely to hurt the ones who love them, and she wants no part of that enable-a-thon. And when Deacon finally allows Scarlett to visit, he’s nasty to her. “What’s new, girl?” he says, mocking; I know it’s not meant to be funny, but Chip Esten’s beauty-parlor delivery made me laugh out loud. Undeterred, Scarlett tells him “You’ve been like a father to me,” which throws the self-declared drunk into a rage. “I’m nobody’s damn father!” he shouts at her before banning her from future visits.

I SEE YOUR TRUE COLORS SHINING THROUGH | Juliette is ticked off that the accident has sent Rayna’s album sales through the stratosphere; Ms. Barnes’ new album is about to drop, and she’s worried that she’ll be overshadowed by “a saint in a coma.” She orders recently returned manager Glenn (aw, hi Glenn!) to have Edgehill push back the release date, but he explains that the label has been bought by a conglomerate that could care less about her silly little album-release date. In other news, her assistant Emily is gone on family business, and there’s a hot new candidate to fill the position. But he comes up lacking in his um, interview (if that’s what you can call him rooting around under the covers until a bored Juliette commands him to leave – an exchange that made me laugh). Ever the multitasker, she’s used the time to come up with an album-saving idea: She’s going to profit off Rayna’s tragedy.

So Ju stages a giant launch concert on the steps of Nashville’s Parthenon and spends a lot of time talking about how broken up she is over the fate that has befallen her “idol,” “mentor and friend.” She even does one of Rayna’s old songs, “This Love Ain’t Big Enough.” At the end, she invites all of the fans over to the hospital to hold vigil for the reigning Queen of Comatose Country Music – a move that causes Avery – now, it seems, a permanent member of Ju’s band — to give her the side eye.

Juliette plays up the caring pal act at the hospital but is prepared to scoot out the back door… until Maddie sees her and runs into her arms. Mads tearfully tells Juliette everything, including her true parentage, and I’m impressed by how mature and supportive Juliette is in the moment – even given the Deacon bombshell. Our bratty little girl’s growing up, y’all! After shedding some real tears for both her own mother and her tourmate, Juliette lets Scarlett know she’ll pay Deacon’s bail. (The gesture turns out to be moot later, but it’s kind, nonetheless.)

LAST CALL | An update on Scarlett and Gunnar and the marriage proposal: She said no. They broke up. She moved out. Will moved in, and the guys throw a house party that apparently starts at 2 pm. (Ain’t no party like a Nashville party ’cause a Nashville party don’t… get going until Days of Our Lives ends? Seriously – we see people show up for the rager, then we cut to Teddy having his “I don’t want this kid” meeting with Peggy on what looks like their lunch break, then we cut back to the party.)

A guy Will knows is at the bash, which doesn’t make the closeted crooner very happy. Alone in the laundry room, Will gets angry and grabs the dude by the shirtfront; it’s all very Ennis-and-Jack-”wrestling”-in-the-tent, so I can’t blame the guy when he goes in for a smooch. But Will pushes him away at the last minute and loudly decries to everyone in the immediate area that the fella made a pass at him. Then Will grabs a female partygoer and is all, “I’m going to go straight upstairs straightaway and do straight–like things to this lady here.”

Meanwhile, Gunnar has facial hair, and I don’t hate it. But he hates the fact that he can’t get Scarlett out of his system, so he torches her couch in the yard; the fire department has to show up when it gets wildly out of control. He then swings by Scarlett’s last shift at The Bluebird, and they do a very pretty duet of “Why Can’t I Say Goodnight?” while Avery watches. (Great exchange – AVERY: Can’t take no for an answer, huh? GUNNAR: Guess that makes two of us.)

We also meet Scarlett’s childhood friend Zoey, who’s recently moved to Nashville, is taking Scar’s job at the café and who, from the looks of it, has her voluminous locks styled by the same Disney-animated woodland animals that cheerily coif Scarlett’s tresses each morning. Later, we see Scarlett at Deacon’s, surveying the damage he did the last time she was there; she’s planning to move in.

BYE-BYE, BABY | Peggy miscarries, but she leads Teddy to believe their child is still alive inside her. (Didn’t know where else to fit that in, but it’s important, no?)

WAKEY WAKEY! | The doctors eventually bring Rayna out of her coma (please tell me that snippet of the cargument isn’t all we’re going to get), and she recognizes her family and soon is on the road to recovery. Deacon’s lawyer comes to his cell with good news: He’s being released because Rayna woke up and confirmed that he wasn’t driving; of course we knew Deacon was going to be leveled with relief, joy and guilt at hearing that, but it was pretty awesome to watch, anyway.

At the hospital, Rayna and her dad look out over the city and agree that the past is better left in the rearview mirror. But not so fast, Lamar, because Tandy’s just gotten word that you might’ve been involved in your wife’s fatal “accident.” Goodness gracious, Nashville, I’ve missed you so!

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

Hostages Series Premiere Review: The Negotiator
When it comes to TV pilots, there are the really good pilots (few and far between), the really bad pilots (a little more likely than the good ones), and a whole lot of problematic, mediocre pilots (most of them). It's really easy to look at something …

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